Text creation

Writing an article, poem or just any text in general can be an uneasy task. I can do it for you. Materials and notes provided by you will be included in in the text. The text will also include keywords or important sentences. In this case you need to consider that I will only use information provided by you. Because it in not possible to know the exact number of words before the text is finished, it´s important to know the minimum and maximum number of words. The final price can differ based on the actual number of words in finished text.

It is important that you provide:
- Theme
- Keywords and important sentences
- Information that you want me to include (Recherche)
- All other details that you want me to include
- Estimated length (minimum and maximum number of words)

Please consider the length carefully based on the number of things you want to be included. I finish all order as soon as possible. Of course, it´s important to consider, that every order is unique and thus requires different amount of time.

1) Non-technical text (0,05€/word) minimal price 10.00 €
2) Technical text(0,06€/word) minimal price 12.00 €
3) Poem (0,08€/word) minimal price 6.00 €

Translations from/to English

Are you looking for high quality translations or tutoring in Slovak language? Your search ends here! I offer General, technic and business interpreting for Czech and Slovak republic, Slovak language tutoring and text correction. I will be glad to become your guide and expert in Slovak speaking part of the world.

Why my transition?

Years of experience
Friendly approach
Great price
High quality
Detail keeping
Artistic aspect conversion possible
High language skills

My services

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Text creation

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