About me

My name is Peter and I will be your expert and guide trough Slovak speaking part of the world. I was always interested in foreigners and foreign countries, which later helped me to meet new people in personal and professional sphere. I see myself as creative, communicative and versatile person. I have knowledge from many different topics such as technology, biology or economics. I lived basically in a bilingual family and I started learning both English and Slovak language as soon as I started to speak.

I was writing many poems and stories since I was a child in both languages of course. I am translating and interpreting since elementary school. I have many years of experience with translation of web articles, books or specialized texts. When I grew older, I started to learn German and Spanish, so I know how hard it can be if you are in age when you have many other things you need to do. I am tutoring languages since elementary school and based on that experience I can understand the difference between learning and teaching. I know that beginning is hard, but in my opinion, anything can be accomplished, if you have enough time, determination and endurance.

Translations from/to English

Are you looking for high quality translations or tutoring in Slovak language? Your search ends here! I offer General, technic and business interpreting for Czech and Slovak republic, Slovak language tutoring and text correction. I will be glad to become your guide and expert in Slovak speaking part of the world.

Why my transition?

Years of experience
Friendly approach
Great price
High quality
Detail keeping
Artistic aspect conversion possible
High language skills

My services

Book translations
Article translations
Text correction
Correspondence translation
Text creation

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Peter Haluza
Tel: +421903741122
Email: peterhaluza.professional@gmail.com